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Make correct-fitting rope halters...

...with these easy-to-follow instructions!
(download Unit 6)

Bay horse in black rope halter.

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  • 144-pages, 8.5 inches by 11 inches
  • Lay-flat, plastic spiral binding
  • Durable, non-glare pages
  • Double plastic laminated cover
  • ISBN Number: 9780963532077

Halter-Tying Success, Second Edition

Traditional halter-tying knowledge has been carefully captured and clearly presented in Halter-Tying Success.

Step-by-step, illustrated instructions show how to tie a Fiador Knot and a few well-placed Double-Overhand Knots in a single length of rope to create a correct-fitting halter for any size horse. (It's perfect for ponies and mules, too!)

For this second edition (contents), new illustrations have been added and greater emphasis has been placed on the importance of tying a rope halter that fits.

A chart lists measurements for six "standard" halter sizes, from foal to large horse. Guidelines for tying a custom-fit halter are also provided.

Information on how a halter should fit and how to measure a horse for a halter allow you to decide which approach—standard-size or custom-fit—will result in the best-fitting halter for your horse.

A very simple method for tying the Fiador Knot is included!

Download a PDF file with detailed instructions on tying the Double-Overhand Knot.

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Purchaser's Comments
About First Edition:

"I love your's the best I've seen for illustrating the knots, the proper techniques for sizing, and why it's important to have a proper fit! Thanks so much for taking the time to do a great book that covers it all!"
P. C. - Buena Vista CO

"Thank you very much for writing this book. It is an excellent volume, clear, concise, easy-to-follow while conveying the subject in great detail."
R. L. - Chatsworth CA

"I'm a saddlemaker and have been teaching friends and apprentices how to tie halters with the help of your book. I have one friend who'd been tying halters for years; when he read your book he cut his tying time in half."
R.B. - Clovis CA

"I am very impressed with the instructions you have put together. You break down the work into understandable units...I think your book is a real breakthrough on something that was mainly taught by word of mouth."
J. H. - Clinton MT

"The book is exactly what I need. It describes everything to a 'T'."
B. M. - Canal Fulton OH

"The book is better than I had hoped."
T. F. - Ponoka Alberta CANADA

This book has...

. . . over 150 large, clear diagrams

. . . step-by-step directions

. . . easy instructions for the Double-Overhand Knot

. . . 25 chapters or units (download a sample)

. . . detailed information on fitting a rope halter

. . . a very simple method for tying the Fiador Knot

. . . guidelines for tying a "Custom-Fit Halter"

. . . easy-to-follow directions on measuring your horse

. . . many charts and tables

. . . measurements in both inches and metric units

. . . six standard Halter Sizes — from foal to large horse

. . . pointers for adding extra knots to the noseband

. . . key details about rope

. . . a list of where to purchase rope

. . . information on making a lead rope

. . . how to correctly tie a lead rope to the halter

. . . learn the Highwayman's Hitch for safely tying your horse.

It's all here. With Halter-Tying Success as your guide, you can experience the rewarding journey of tying a hand-tied, rope halter. And your horse will benefit from a halter that fits!

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Price: $34.00 (U.S. Dollars)
ISBN Number: 9780963532077
Author: Diane Longanecker
Illustrator: Laura Gabbard
Format: 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) x 11 inches (28 cm) 144 pages
Cover: Double Plastic Laminated Cover Stock
Binding: Lay-Flat, Plastic Spiral Binding
Publisher: Horse Owner Success Books

Book Contents Sample Unit Order Information About the Author

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